Website Training for small business

Online Course Coming Soon

My physical workshops are about to be offered as an online course. This will make it easier for everyone. I have invited some REALLY talented industry professionals to help teach the course. 

You’ll learn about branding & design, SEO, images, security and backups – important things that most small businesses are doing incorrectly.

We’re not talking about one of those ‘builder’ things either. You’ll  end up with a proper, professional website that will drive customers to your business.

Teaching Website Workshops


The first online course is due to start in late May. 

We released 3 free lessons as a bit of a taster:

Lesson 1 – Be the project manager for your own website
Lesson 2 – All the answers to the unsexiest questions in the world
Lesson 3  – The BIG mistake made by most small business owners with their website – and how to fix it

You don’t have a huge budget for your website?

That’s exactly why I started running workshops.

I talk to so many small business owners who have been quoted extraordinarily high prices for a website. Sometimes that’s just not feasible.

I teach you to build a professional level website yourself. I teach you best practice so that you do things properly. And I offer follow up support because I want you to feel confident about managing your own site in the future. 

How it Works

We have just one day together so we really make the most of it. I do some setup before the workshop so that you’re ready to start at 9am on the day.

In the morning we cover some important theory, then we get busy building websites. We all do some things together, then you carry on independently, asking questions as you go. Occasionally we all stop to learn something together.

Note – This is how the physical workshops happened. The online course will be slightly different. 


Teaching Website Workshops
Teaching Website Workshops

Who it’s for

Any small business that needs a website.

  • Brand new website
  • Update an existing website

Perfect if you don’t have a big website budget, or if you want to manage your website yourself.    

Websites Built By Past Students

Past workshop participants have included:

Landscape gardener, shoe designer, make up artist, dance teacher, potato farmer, museum curator, translator, horse therapist, wedding dress designer, blogger, artist, photographer, bookkeeper, psychic medium, vintage car owner, mowing contractor, accommodation businesses, Polocrosse Association, beauty therapist, sandblaster, kids clothing store, freight company.

Check out some of their work:  


I attended one of Cath’s Workshops which was fantastic. It was full of information and the day was packed with practical application and tips as we began the creation of our websites.

Cath is great! Cath is there with you for every step of the process, no matter your level of knowledge. She is helpful, patient, easy to understand and makes it fun too! She has a great passion for helping you get your website up and running and it looking professional and working correctly. She’s the best!

Careth, Margaret River

Cath is awesome!
While I am reasonably computer savvy, the extent of my website knowledge was 100% from the shopping side & a big zero from the selling side!
Cath set us up with a list of handy stuff to do to prepare for our workshop & a list of photos, ideas & written script to bring along.
One day – yep, one day workshop with Cath & my site was up & looking fab!
It’s certainly been a learning experience along the way but a year on with bazillions of emails to Cath which were patiently & thoroughly answered & I’m STILL online!
Great teacher – perfect balance of instruction & guidance vs have a go yourself. Highly recommended!!!

Alli, Dandaragan

“I completed a WordPress training course with Cath more than a year ago and from then until now I’ve received consistently prompt and sanity-saving assistance on a variety of issues even after long periods of non activity; top notch service that doesn’t leave me feeling I’m completely hopeless.”

Anne, Cowaramup

Thanks for all of your effort. I truly appreciate what you have done with all the behind the scenes…

Shannon, Margaret River

Knowledge Bank

– Tips and reminders for workshop students –

How to build your WordPress Divi theme website

Divi Fonts

It’s difficult to pick a font when all the fonts are written in the same font! This page lists each font in upper case, lower case and more.

read more

Change your WordPress login address

Being hacked sucks. Your beautiful website is suddenly black, with big red writing saying terrifying things, and an ugly little man in the middle making rude gestures. It makes your stomach sink as fear kicks in – who would do this? What am I going to do?

Follow these steps to “close your front door” – no point just letting hackers in, right?

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Why are my paragraphs losing their formatting?

Right now there’s an annoying glitch that’s causing the line breaks between paragraphs to disappear.

So if you write 3 paragraphs, for example, you’ll come back later and find that it’s reverted to one big paragraph.

To fix this, log into your Dashboard, then…

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Before attending Cath’s workshop I was completely lost as to how I would be able to afford having a website designed for my business, but then I spoke to Cath about her workshop and she was so friendly and helpful and genuinely wanted to see me succeed! At the workshop I learnt so much and found that WordPress and the way Cath delivered the info was incredible! All of a sudden I got super excited and then had built two websites within the next week! I was hooked, the possibilities were endless and I had control! I can’t thank Cath enough for teaching me how to design and manage my website(s!), and it’s not just about how to design, we covered SEO, image optimisation and helpful tips, she really puts a lot in to her workshops and is so helpful!

Hannah, Busselton