About Me

What I bring to the table

You benefit from my particular set of skills when we partner together to build your website or produce a video. 


Your project will not be my first rodeo. 

I have been building websites since 2013 and making videos since well before that.

I’m obsessed with learning the correct way to do things because it increases the chances of Google recommending your website or video to your potential clients. 

For example, you need to be vigilant about how long it takes for your website to load. Google penalises slow websites, so you need to make sure images are properly optimised before uploading them to your website. I developed the SSNAP method to help clients remember all the aspects that need attention when it comes to images.

When you hire me you benefit from my extensive experience as well as my ongoing quest to stay on top of my industry. I am well connected with other professionals from all around the world and I regularly speak with my peers about various aspects of our work. It means you get the benefit of a large agency with the flexibility and economy of a small business.

Industry authority

I have a solid reputation within my industry. 

Within my industry I am respected as being good at what I do.

People say things like:

“I’ve been trying to work this out AAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL Day… You’re a Genius!”

“This saved me SO MUCH TIME. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out.”

“Really helpful thank you soo much for sharing your knowledge!”

OMG where have you been all my life!? This issue has driven me NUTS. I’ve googled the crap out of it and suddenly, today, there you are. Off to fix about 500 images but at least now I know how!”

“Great stuff! Thank you for sharing. So easy when you know how! Great explanation.”

I will encourage you to also be an authority in your industry

When I build a website for you, I will encourage you to publish regular ongoing content, for several reasons.

1. It allows you to connect with your customers. Many clients tell me they wouldn’t know what to say, but once you start thinking about the questions you regularly answer for your customers, you’ll realise you know a lot about your particular industry.

2. Google loves fresh content. It sends a signal that your website is a thriving hub of knowledge and information, and that you are indeed still in business. Google doesn’t like a stale website that gets more out of date with each passing month.

3. The more quality content you publish, the more you increase your chances of being found. You increase your chances of becoming an ‘authority site’.

It’s hard to predict which content will take off. I spent an enormous amount of time putting together 45 Things you can do to get more bookings, but two much simpler articles gain most of my website traffic. It’s a matter of continually publishing good content, knowing that some of it will take off.

quick on the uptake

I am able to quickly gain an understanding of your business, so I can help you communicate with your customers.

I was lucky to be born with a good brain. Many years ago I was admitted to the MENSA organisation, which apparently means I have a high IQ. 

This benefits you because I quickly grasp what your business is about, which means I can help you write high quality copy that will help your customers. 

My creative brain allows me to visualise how a video will come together before shooting, which means I maximise my time to achieve a result you will love. 


I love to travel and have a deep love for the natural world.

You will notice most of the photos on this website are nature based. They’re all my own photos*, taken on various travels around the world. 

I have discovered a deep love for cycle touring, a method of travel that allows for a slow meander across a continent, nights spent camping in the wild, and very little environmental impact. 

My travel adventures have expanded my view of the world and I bring this sense of wonder and limitless possibilities to all the projects I work on. 

I make videos about my various travel adventures.

*Apart from the one of me above – thanks John!

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