I work with accommodation providers to get more bookings

I work one-on-one with accommodation providers. That includes hotels, motels, guesthouses and all the other categories listed on the ‘45 things‘ page.

I assist with all the things on the ‘List of 45 things’. I build and manage websites, work on SEO, create content, assist with social media, set up and manage retargeting and monitor results.

It’s a wholistic approach that brings together all the many elements required to be successful online.

I do my best to be superhuman but nevertheless I find I can only work with a few clients in this way.

I have other guidelines too:

• You must have a budget of at least $1000 per month dedicated to improving your online situation. This includes building a new website if necessary.
• You’re not in the same location as any of my other clients. That would be a conflict of interest since my aim is to make you number 1 in your area.
• Your business must have the potential to show a return on investment.

Is there a contract?

Nope, although I appreciate 30 days notice. You work with me until you have what you need. Once you feel like you don’t need my help anymore, we finish working together.

Is there a commitment?

Yes. We agree on a monthly budget and you commit to paying that promptly at the start of each month.

You also agree to make yourself available. I’m not a mind reader (though I give it a red hot go) so I need to talk with you from time to time.

This way I don’t spend valuable working hours chasing up money or trying to get hold of you. Instead, I spend my time working on your business, helping you to get more bookings by using the internet better.

What do I need to do?

Tell me about your business below.

I’ll have a look and figure out if I can help you.

If yes, we’ll make a time to chat on the phone and/or in person. I’ll ask you some more questions, and you’ll ask me some too.

if we then decide we’d like to work together, we’ll make a plan, set a budget and get started.

Tell me about your business

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After that you can choose what you’re happy to share. I realise there are a lot of questions.

Tell me about your business
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