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Create a Custom Audience

If you want to retarget (advertise to) people who visited a specific web page you firstly need to create a custom audience. Later, once that audience is ready, you can run a retargeting (advertising) campaign on Facebook.

In this tutorial I cover the first step, creating the custom audience.

Why retarget specific visitors?

Let’s say you run a large lifestyle blog, including articles about cooking, crafts, gardening and keeping miniature horses.

You know that people are generally more interested in one subject over another. Some engage with all your cooking stories, but you never hear from them when you’re talking about miniature horses.

You have an advertising budget which you use to drive traffic to your blog and you want to get the most bang for your buck. Clearly, it would be a waste of money showing miniature horse content to your cooking fans.

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A custom audience lets you target your advertising

A custom audience lets you show specific content to specific people.

Using the example above, if you’ve published an article about ‘Divine BBQ pork ribs’, you’d want to show it the people who read ‘How to cook the perfect BBQ steak’. You wouldn’t want to show it to people who read ‘Make a reusable shopping bag’ or ‘How to trim horse hooves’.

Let’s create a custom audience.

Open Business Manager

I have a shortcut to my Business Manager on my Bookmarks bar, but if you don’t have that, visit your Facebook page and click on the arrow at top right. Select Business Manager.

I demonstrate this at about 1:08 in the video.

Open Audiences

Click on Business Manager at top left.

Select All Tools.

Select Audiences, in the Assets column.

If you have more than one account, select the correct one at top left.

Create Audience

Click on blue button that says Create Audience. Choose Custom Audience.

Select Website Traffic.

Include people who meet ANY of the following criteria.

Click the dropdown at All Website Visitors. Select People who visited specific web pages.

Input the date range you want to save. 180 days is the maximum.

In the URL contains box, input the last part of the page URL.

Give your audience a name. Try to make it specific and consistent. For example I name mine ‘People who visited page – [name of page].

Since I have other audience types, this means I can search for ‘people who visited page’ and bring up all of those types of custom audiences.

Click Create Audience at bottom right > Done.

Now it will show it’s populating.

Once enough people have visited the page it will say ‘Ready’ with a rewarding green dot.

Before that you’ll see a red dot and ‘Audience too small’.


For example, in the video, at about 2:40, I look at my page URL:


I just choose the last part:


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