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Let’s Smack it!

A few days ago Casey Neistat uploaded a video in which he said:

“I have a question for you the audience, if you could sort of settle something between Dan and I…”

He went on to describe how Dan Mace uses the term ‘SMACK’, meaning ‘to get things done’.

“Is this a real thing?” Casey wanted to know.

I decided to make a video demonstrating how we use the term ‘smack it’, thus furthering Dan’s cause.

Who is Casey Neistat?

Casey Neistat is a highly popular creator on YouTube.

Based in New York, Casey currently publishes a daily vlog called ‘368’. It’s named after the building he recently decided to convert into a collaborative space for both New York and international creators.

(Yep, editing a vid at 368 just got added to my bucket list).

At the time of publishing this post Casey has 9.3 million subscribers. I’m one of them.

I admire Casey’s filmmaking skills, his work ethic, his positive attitude, and the way he treats other people.

Who is Dan Mace?

Dan Mace is a talented South African filmmaker. He  recently joined Casey in New York to help produce the daily vlog.

Dan has a special magic about him, in my opinion. He cares deeply about important matters and regularly comes out with profound words that make me pause, replay, pause again and think.

With Dan on board I’m tuning in to Casey’s work in a more regular fashion than I did before. As a team they’re unstoppable. I think part of it is that Dan is relatable to the average person. Casey has achieved such enormous success that he’s out of reach to most people.

Dan is the South African dude who suddenly finds himself in the mad world of New York, working with a guy that’s off the wall. It’s stretching Dan in a way that he expected and wanted (and it’s fun), but it’s stressful because of the lack of routine. He misses the ocean and surfing. We can imagine being in Dan’s situation. We feel for him and we want things to go well for him.

Let’s Smack it Usage

Dan explains the ways to use Let’s Smack It:

  • Let’s smack it.
  • Just smack it.
  • Come on dude, let’s smack that.
  • Shall we just smack that timelapse?

We used ‘let’s smack this’ quite a lot in our video too.

Let’s Smack it Meaning

Dan and Casey describe the meaning of Let’s Smack It:

  • To get things done.
  • Just do it that much quicker and that much better.
  • It’s like the point of decision.
  • When you commit to smacking it you have to go through.

You can’t use ‘let’s smack it’ to refer to something you might do, or something you’ll do in a half-arsed fashion. It’s very much an expression for something you’re definitely about to do very well, right now.

I was stoked that Dan got to see the video

I know that Dan is extremely busy in his role at 368, so I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to reach him. I was stoked to wake up and find that he’d replied to my tweet and subscribed to my channel. Thanks for saying hi Dan!  

495 subscribers!

(Updated 4 Dec 19)

I'm frothing to get to 500.

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Thank you!

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