Overlay an image with text

It can work really nicely to put text over an image, using a transparent background colour so that the image can still be seen.

This page shows 3 examples in action. In the second example the overlay is solid rather than transparent.

Make Your Own Healthy Crackers!

If you care about what you eat you will have discovered that crackers, like most pre-packaged foods, are a disease of your choice waiting to happen. They contain all sorts of seed oils making them way too high in polyunsaturated fat (oh hi there cancer), often contain excessive amounts of sugar (g’day obesity and diabetes) and if they have any flavour at all, they’re filled with MSG and other additives (eugh). 

I make my own, which is a time consuming pain in the arse, to be honest, but it’s kind of fun too. Kids love it so I often try to find one to press-gang into service. 

Step 1 is to make your own flatbread

I guess you could skip this step and buy flatbreads, but then you’re back to the same problem. 

Mix together flour and water into a dough, tear into balls a bit smaller than a golf ball, and roll out nice and flat. Cook in a dry fry pan until the dough is just sealed – try not to get brown bits.

This is the part where I get the kid involved, while I do the rolling. It’s quite hard to roll and cook, but be warned, working with a kid has its downside as you’ll see in the next step. 

Step 2 is to cook the flatbreads into crackers

Using your hands (cos it’s fun that way) rub olive oil all over one side of the flatbreads. Sprinkle some dried parmesan cheese over the top then cut into long skinny sticks and transfer to a baking tray. In this photo you can see smaller ones too but they are way too much effort, seriously. 

Bake until they’re lightly browned.

Try to resist eating the whole lot as they come out of the oven, and good luck keeping the kid away. This is the downside of the kid.