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Change your H1’s, H2’s etc

If you don’t like the default heading sizes that come with Divi you can change them at module level. For example if you use a text module you can choose what size to make your H1’s, H2’s etc.

However, if you set your Heading sizes in the Divi theme customiser you’ll obtain a consistent look throughout your whole website.

Why use headings?

When writing content for your website it’s nearly always best practice to break it up into sections, and to give each section a heading.

The main title of the page will be the most important, so you’ll make it a Heading 1, or H1.

Subsections will be Heading 2’s, or H2’s.

Sections within those subsections might be H3’s or H4’s.

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How to change your Heading sizes

When logged into your WordPress dashboard, hover over Divi (bottom left) and choose Theme Customiser.

Select General Settings > Typography.

You’ll see a slider for Header Text Size.

Moving this left and right adjusts the size of the H1 heading.

If you want to individually set the H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 headings you’ll need to do it via CSS.

I find this is generally unnecessary because the Header Text Size slider changes all the headings proportionally.

For example, I started with the following heading sizes:

H1 – 30 pixels
H2 – 26 pixels
H3 – 22 pixels
H4 – 18 pixels

I adjusted the H1 to 60 pixels and I ended up with:

H1 – 60 pixels
H2 – 51 pixels
H3 – 43 pixels
H4 – 36 pixels

Although I was specifically adjusting the H1, the others increased proportionally as well.

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