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Blog Module with Grid Layout

The Elegant Themes blog post of April 2017, The Ultimate Guide to Using Images Within Divi, notes that the default width for Divi blog images is 795 pixels. They recommend using the 16:9 ratio, so a blog module featured image should be 795 x 447px.

However, I find the edges of the image are trimmed if I use this size when using the blog module set to grid layout. One wouldn’t normally notice a slight cropping, but I used an image with a thin yellow border and it was very obvious when the border was missing from the left and right sides.

I played around with sizes and discovered that the size that worked perfectly was 795 x 500 pixels.

I prepared an image with a multi coloured border so I could see exactly where it was being cut off. Please feel free to download and try for yourself. Here are the 3 different sizes:

When I used these 3 images on 3 different blog posts, this is what I saw. The recommended size is cropped left and right. The bigger size is cropped top and bottom. The middle size (795 x 500) is just right.

Blog Module featured image in 3 different sizes

Am I overlooking something fundamental? As far as I can see, the perfect size for a featured image on the Divi blog module using the grid layout is 795 x 500 pixels.

Divi Blog Module Grid Layout – Featured Image
Size to use is 795 x 500px