Do you love a good quiz night?

Never get to actually go to any quiz nights?

Fancy yourself as pretty smart?

Then do we have the thing for you. Join us in our virtual quiz night.

There are two scoreboards going. First are individual scores – you, Cath, Cam.

Then there are team scores – Team Cath and Team Cam.We will get points depending on whether you guess right or wrong. If you’re right, the question answerer gets a point. If you’re wrong, the question asker gets the point.

We’re not playing for the farm so don’t go Googling the answer. Just have a guess.

You have about 20 hours to register your answer to each question. Let us know if you got it right or wrong. You can do that as a comment on the YouTube video or this post or the Facebook post where we share it.

Keep track of your own score.

If you arrive late, either allocate yourself a score of half a point for each round you’ve missed, or work through the quiz from the beginning.

Question 1 – Video Length 2:51

Cam is the question asker.

He has an obscure word – what does it mean?

Choose between 3 possibilities.