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Video Length: 3:03

How to backup your WordPress website

There are several reasons why you might want to backup your website.

1. You’re about to update your theme, plugins and the WordPress core. It’s advisable to take a backup first in case one of those updates breaks your site.

2. You want to have a copy of your website on your computer in case your website is hacked or otherwise compromised. If you have a local copy you will save yourself a world of grief.

3. You’re about to move a website from one place to another – for example if you’re changing hosts or taking a development site live.

I walk you through the backup process in this video. We use the Duplicator plugin. Please note that in Duplicator a backup is called a package.

In case you prefer written instructions:

Step 1 is to install the Duplicator plugin

Plugins > Add New

Type Duplicator into the search box

Install Now


Step 2 is to make the backup

Click on Duplicator (in the black bar down the left hand side)

Create New (top right)


It will scan the site

Tick the box that says Yes. Continue with the build process!

Click Build

It will build the package

Step 3 is to download the backup

You’ll see 2 blue boxes. One is the installer and one is the archive.

Download both. I usually download the installer first because it’s tiny so it’s quick.

Store both in a place where you’ll easily be able to find them in an emergency.

You’ve backed up; now you can update

If you were backing up because you were about to update your plugins, theme and/or WordPress, you can go ahead and do that now.

I made a video showing How to Update your WordPress website.