So you attended a workshop and/or set up your website ages ago, and then you got busy and now you have completely forgotten where to even begin. Right?

The first thing you need to do is log into your Dashboard. Remember it looks like this?

WordPress Dashboard

If you were in my workshop, you will have an Excel document in your ‘Course Resources’ folder called ‘Essential Details’. Open that.

You’re looking for the 3 lines that say WordPress Login, WordPress Username and WordPress Password.

Essential Details

Copy and paste the WordPress login into your browser address bar, then put the username and password into the appropriate boxes and click Log In. Hopefully, you’re in!

If not, keep reading, because the below may apply. 

WordPress login

If you weren’t in my workshop and can’t find your details, I have a couple of hints. Your login URL will probably be, unless you have changed it.

If you can successfully get the login page to open, you can click on ‘Lost your Password’ to receive a new password by email. You may have to try more than one email address if you can’t remember which one you used.

If that doesn’t work there are other ways and means of getting in, so don’t despair, all is not lost!


WordPress login - lost my password