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Video Length: 5:09

Divi Blog Module

Newcomers to Divi are often confused by the blog module because it’s not immediately obvious how it works.

Once you figure it out, you’ll love the flexibility it gives.

There are two steps. First you need to create the blog post. Then decide where to put that blog post on your website. The second step is where you use the blog module.

With a standard WordPress website you generally have one page that’s the blog page. With Divi you have a lot more flexibility. You can put links to blog posts along the bottom or up the side or in the middle of any page you like.

I demonstrate how it’s done in the video, but here it is in note form as well:

Step 1 – Create the Post

Log into your WordPress dashboard.

Add a New Post.

Give it a title.
Click on Use the Divi Builder.
Insert Columns.
Select the single column.
Insert module.
Choose the text module.

Add your content.
Select a category.
Add a featured image.
Add an excerpt.

Your story is now live, but it’s not showing up anywhere yet because you haven’t specified where you want it to go.

Step 2 – Add your blog post to a page

You can add the blog module (and therefore your blog posts) to any page you like.

In the video I demonstrated doing it on a brand new page.

Add New Page

Give it a title
Click on Use the Divi Builder.
Insert Columns.
Select the single column.
Insert module.
Choose the BLOG module.

Now you can configure the settings. Have a play around to see what each one does.

Note you can choose a specific category to display. This is really handy. It means you can display related stories on any page on your website.

Add a reminder to the Admin Label

Sometimes people forget how the blog module works. They go back to their website after a 2 month break intending to add some news. They go to the page where all the stories are, click Edit Page then get thoroughly confused about what to do next.

If you think this might happen to you or a client, use the Admin label to leave a reminder.

It might say something like “Blog Module – don’t add your news here. You need to Add New Post”.

That way, as soon as you open the page to edit it, you’ll see the reminder, like this: