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Hiking Slieve League Cliffs

In July 2017 Cam and I hired a car and drove up the west coast of Ireland.

One of the highlights of the trip was the day we visited Slieve League Cliffs in county Donegal.

The cliffs are more than 600m high, among the highest sea cliffs in Europe, and they are absolutely breathtaking.

What struck us, and what we LOVED about Slieve League, was the complete absence of bureaucratic mollycoddling. There is nothing to blight the wild, wild landscape. No signs, no barriers, no trails. You go up there and actually get to be responsible for yourself. It’s refreshing and marvellous.

The other thing we loved was that we actually got to see the cliffs. A couple of days previously we had visited the Cliffs of Moher, but it was so foggy we couldn’t see more than a metre in front of us.

Irish Brothers

We met four Irish brothers who were on a kind of pilgrimage to their mother’s homeland.

The eldest, Declan, sung us a song.

It was one of those travel moments you just couldn’t plan. There we were, out in one of the wildest places on earth, being serenaded by an Irishman.

An Irish song, sung by an Irishman, in the wilds of Ireland.

It was perfect.

Unlike us, the brothers were fully organised with food and drinks. They were having a great time, full of laughs and stories and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.

It was a privilege to stand on the edge of the world with the Molloy brothers.

Take Food and Drinks

We underestimated how long this hike would take, and didn’t take any food with us. We had water, of course.

We didn’t die of starvation or anything, especially as the Molloy brothers donated us each a banana, but I mention it here in case you’re thinking about visiting the Slieve League Cliffs.

Pack something to eat at the top.

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Slieve League, also known as Sliabh Liag, hiking trail sign
At the top of Sliabh Liag, aka Slieve League
Hiding in a tiny cave on the Slieve League hike