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CTRL + 0

Sometimes you’ll visit a website and find the text is too big, or too small.

You don’t have to put up with it, you can easily and quickly adjust it using the keys on your keyboard.

CTRL and the + key will make the text bigger.

CTRL and the – key will make it smaller.

CTRL and 0 will restore it to the default for that page.

It doesn’t matter which +, – and 0 keys you use.

You can use the keys across the top of your keyboard, or you can use the keys on the number pad to the right. In the video I demonstrate the keys across the top.

Hold down the CTRL key first, then tap the second key one step at a time. Don’t hold down the second key or everything will go crazy. Just one tap at a time.

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Zoom in using CTRL and +

Zoom out using CTRL and –

Restore to default using CTRL and 0

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