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Level up your computer skills

Alt + Tab is a cool trick for moving quickly between the things you have open on your computer.

If you’re working on a few things at once it’s much quicker to use alt + tab than to go to your mouse every time.

If you’re building a website you’ll find this especially useful.

Hold down the Alt key then tap the Tab key once.

Don’t hold down the tab key or the thing will race between all your open programs like a crazy lunatic. You’ll probably give yourself a fit just watching it. One tap at a time.

How do I know you might do it like this? Because I’ve watched over the shoulders of lots of people learning this trick and they always hold down the tab key. Every time. It’s a funny thing.

A super tricky trick – Alt + Shift + Tab

Alt + Shift + Tab takes you backwards. This is really useful if you have a lot of programs open and you just want to move between two or three of them.