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Here are a few of my more recent projects. 

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Nannup Valley Chalets website built by Cath Wood

Nannup Valley Chalets

Nannup Valley Chalets is a delightful haven in the south west of Western Australia. They offer four gorgeous two-bedroom chalets, each sleeping 7 people, and three romantic spa studios, each sleeping 2 people. Plus there’s a function centre.

I particularly enjoyed visiting for a couple of days during the building of this website. Between client meetings my husband and I took a whole heap of photos which I used on the website. We loved curling up in front of a cosy fire with a glass of wine in the evening. 

Cyber Tech Australia

Cybertech Australia

This cyber security client had a tight timeline which meant we launched the website within a week of the initial conversation. 

They wanted something simple; an online presence for potential clients in research mode. I used a pre-designed layout which looked similar to other cyber security companies in Australia. The time saved working on design allowed me to focus on helping the client write copy and source images.

Yuck Circus

YUCK Circus

Sometimes I help a client get started then send them on their way. It’s always a delight to see what they come up with. 

YUCK Circus is a bunch of badass young circus women who travel the world performing to sold out crowds, ‘kicking art in the face’ and gathering awards and accolades and five star reviews wherever they go.

It was my pleasure to sit down for a few hours with company director Georgia, filling her head with tech know-how. She went away and (between rehearsing, performing, travelling and managing her company) knocked out a website that works for her business. Since she knows her own website back to front, she can (and does) keep it updated with new show dates, new awards and new information. And it costs her nothing to do so.

Georgia may not have built a $5000 designer website, but this is a perfect case of ‘done is better than perfect’. In other words, it’s better to have a website that does the job but could do with a few design tweaks than to have a perfectly designed website that doesn’t actually exist. 

Beacon Museum

The Beacon Museum

This website is a love job, and a work in progress. My mother is a historian from the tiny Western Australian wheatbelt town of Beacon. She wrote a book – ‘Beacon, the beginning – a collection of stories from 1920s to 1950s’. After publication she talked about how she had gathered a lot more photographs and stories than she could use in the book, and they keep flowing in as people get in touch to ask if she could include their family stories.

Publishing all this history on a website seemed like the obvious solution, because writing a book is a massive undertaking and she’s not sure she’s got another one in her.

Every now and then, between taking care of farming and family and accounts and medical appointments and so on, Mum will send off a batch of photos and stories, and I post them to the website.

So far we have 9 family collections in the Wheat Industry category, and 18 family collections in the ANZAC category. There are a lot of blank pages on the website and I thought about taking them down until we have content, but it helps her to visualise where we’re going, so I leave them in place. Good job Mum!

learn from others

Life’s too short to make all the mistakes on your own. 

I interviewed a variety of professionals about their ‘power tips’.

I also interviewed a B&B owner who has grown occupancy from 3% to 60%. 

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