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Monthly Stats Report – August 2018

The struggle of building a new business

There’s a struggle we all experience when we’re building a new business, especially when it doesn’t have a guaranteed outcome (which is most of the time, is it not?).

We constantly wonder:

  • Will my new business work?
  • Will my new business succeed?
  • Will my new business be profitable?
  • Will my new business achieve my desired outcomes?

We’re excited and inspired, so we want to spend as much time working on it as we possibly can, but we also have other things demanding our attention:

  • We need to earn money, so we need to keep working on whatever it is that allows for that.
  • We need to eat, go grocery shopping, wash our clothes etc.
  • We need to spend time with family and friends.
  • We need to exercise, relax, enjoy a sunny day and have some downtime so we stay sane.

How much time should you spend on a new business?

This is the struggle.

On one hand you want to spend as much time as possible building the new business so you see benefits quickly.

On the other hand, you have to stay on top of all the other things demanding your attention. You can’t abandon life completely.

You need to find the right balance.

In the last few months I’ve had no balance. There have been a number of really important things demanding my attention. I had to attend to all of those at the expense of my YouTube channels. It’s highly frustrating, but it is what it is. The key is not to get too worked up about it.

Goals are good….. or are they?

Setting goals gives you something to aim for, something to inspire you to do the work that needs to be done. But if you don’t achieve your targets you can feel like you’ve failed. If that happens every month you can start to feel a bit despondent, and that can make it easy to lose sight of the big picture.

If you find this happening, it might be time to switch up the way you’re setting goals. For example, I’ve been setting targets to upload a certain amount of videos each month, and I haven’t been hitting the targets. This month I’m aiming for a certain amount of ‘good hours’ worked.

If I show up for work, I’ll succeed.

Motivational speakers are good…… or are they?

It can be great to listen to people that light your fire. They’re amazing! They have unlocked fifty bazillion squillion levels of achievement!

They never sleep!

You want to be like them!

This can bring misery if you’re not careful.

Comparison is the thief of joy

You’re not Gary V. You’re not Casey Neistat. You’re not Tony Robbins or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Bob Marley or Barack Obama or Nick Vujicic or your successful neighbour or your brother in law.

You’re you.

It’s great to be inspired by other people, but I think it’s important to also remember who you are, what you’re about and what you need.

Some people can sleep hardly ever and work basically all the time.

Others become sick very quickly under the same regime, whether it’s physically, mentally or both.

Know yourself as you learn from others, so you can implement their ideas in a way that rocks your world.

It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. It matters what you’re doing.

I think it’s important to keep sight of the big picture. Sometimes there are periods where you can’t make any progress on your new project. That’s just the way it is.

Other times you can get right into the groove and power along. That’s just the way it is too.

Overall, it’s about consistency, maintaining general momentum in the right direction.

Be kind to yourself. Take some deep breaths. Enjoy a few moments of sunshine and enjoy your journey.

August Results

There were 894 additional views on my Life Channel, for a growth of 5%.

There were 256 additional views on my Business Channel, for a growth of 24%.

I hit double figures for subscribers on the Business Channel, woo hoo.

In terms of goals, I plumbed new depths in August. It’s the first time I haven’t achieved ANY of the goals I set. Go me.

  • 4 new videos on the Life channel – No – 1
  • 10 new subscribers on the Life channel – No – 7
  • 4 new videos on the Business channel – No – 1
  • 3 new subscribers on the Business channel – No – 2
  • 20 posts on Instagram – No – 14

Goals & Targets for September 2018

Given it’s only a little over a week until the end of the month, I’m doing something different this month. I’m aiming to spend 2-3 hours each work day on my channels. Over the longer term that’s not a bad strategy. 2-3 hours a day is 10-15 hours a week, or 40-60 hours a month. You can do a fair bit of good work in that time.

Goal for September:

    • 12 hours good work on YouTube channels
Stats Report – Sept 2018

Stats Report – Sept 2018

There’s a tussle between what I want to create, what you want to watch and what YouTube thinks you want to watch.

Stats Report – June/July 2018

Stats Report – June/July 2018

I was pretty rapt to see that even though I have only uploaded one video in the last two months, views have continued to grow.

Stats Report – May 2018

Stats Report – May 2018

New content needs to be uploaded, or the figures will suffer. Beware of big projects overtaking everything!

Stats Report – April 2018

Stats Report – April 2018

It seems astonishing that back in November I had just over 3000 channel views and now, only 5 months later it’s up to nearly 16000 views. It seems like such a lot of growth in such a short time.