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Second Monthly Stats Report – December 2017

The most exciting statistic of this month was the 81% increase in income, which catapulted from $1.12 to $2.03.

If income continues to increase at that rate, we’ll see earnings of $88249.12 in June 2019, so that’s good news.

(That’s tongue in cheek, by the way. An increase of less than $1 is meaningless, but it’s amusing to speculate.)


I launched the new Business channel on 15th December 2017. I relaunched my website on the same day.

My intention was to gain maximum traction from an ‘impact date’ but the way things turned out I was unable to really make the most of it. 15th December was my last day of good (or in some cases, any) internet for 6 weeks – until the beginning of February I’ll be in remote parts of Western Australia. I briefly considered delaying the launch but decided that a good enough ‘something’ was better than a perfect ‘nothing’.

I was really excited about releasing my new video ‘London on £2 a day’. It took weeks of editing and I couldn’t wait to get it out into the world.

Did I reach my December Targets?

Launch revamped website – YES
Launch YouTube Business channel – YES
5 new subscribers on the Life channel – YES, there were 6
5 new subscribers on the Business channel – NO, but there were 2 and I was so thrilled to see them. Thank you first and second subscribers!


Number of Videos

Life Channel – 9
Business Channel – 14

Number of Views

Life Channel – 4338 (up 39%)
Business Channel – 159

Most views on one video

Cycling over the Swiss Alps – 2685 (up 39%)
Power Tip – Corina Darnborough – 63

Number of Subscribers

Life Channel – 350
Business Channel – 2

Number of views this month

Life Channel – 1083
Business Channel – 119

Watch time (minutes)

Life Channel – 3511
Business Channel – 241


Life Channel
Likes – 14
Dislikes – 2
Comments – 1
Shares – 0
Subscribers – 6

Business Channel
Likes – 5
Dislikes – 0
Comments – 4
Shares – 1
Subscribers – 2

Estimated Revenue

Life Channel 

Ads – $2.00
YouTube Red – $0.02
TOTAL – $2.03


Views for each video

The London video had about 100 views in the first 24 hours, then finished the month at 156.

Cycling over the Swiss Alps is still way outperforming the other videos.


Goals & Targets for Jan 2018

In January 2018 I’ll be working at the Western Australian Circus Festival, as usual. I’m the catering manager so I’ll be extremely busy organising well over 10000 meals.

Normally my own affairs get completely neglected when I’m at the circus but this year I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to upload one short video every day. The videos will be ‘one take, no edits’ in order to make the challenge achievable. The series will be called Life at the Circus, and I plan to show daily snippets of circus life.

Stats Report – Sept 2018

Stats Report – Sept 2018

There’s a tussle between what I want to create, what you want to watch and what YouTube thinks you want to watch.

Stats Report – August 2018

Stats Report – August 2018

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Stats Report – June/July 2018

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I was pretty rapt to see that even though I have only uploaded one video in the last two months, views have continued to grow.

Stats Report – May 2018

Stats Report – May 2018

New content needs to be uploaded, or the figures will suffer. Beware of big projects overtaking everything!