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Monthly Stats Report – February 2018

The funny thing about working towards a goal is that even when you think you’re not doing very well, so long as you’re making progress it adds up over time. You don’t have to achieve everything all at once.

February felt like it went by very quickly and I had way too many things competing for my attention.

It felt like I didn’t have anywhere near enough time to devote to vlogging.

Yet I still managed to upload 8 videos in total, and I was surprised to see I’ve gone from 8 to 62 videos in the last 3 months. Go me.

I’m discovering that a real benefit of doing the monthly assessment is that I get reinvigorated every time. There’s always something encouraging in there – something to make me excited that it’s the first of another month. I have a whole 30 days ahead of me to kick more goals!

February Targets

I set myself a goal in Feburary to upload 4 videos to each of the two channels. I achieved that, but nevertheless I wasn’t 100% happy with the result, because none of the videos were ‘proper’.

What’s a ‘Proper’ Video?

In my mind I divide videos into ‘proper edits’ and ‘quick and easy’ videos.

‘Proper edits’ can take weeks to put together. They have ‘artistic integrity’. I’m proud of my proper edits. I feel like I can use them as part of my portfolio to demonstrate my work as a video producer.

Examples of ‘proper edits’ are:

Buying a Secondhand bike in London

25 hours on a bus from London to Switzerland

Cycling Over the Swiss Alps Damn Near Killed Me

94 year old Granny – “I’m the most ungangsta person in all the world”

London on £2 a day

By contrast, ‘quick and easy’ videos can be filmed, edited and uploaded within a couple of hours.

The Life at the Circus series of 30 videos is an example of this.

The weird thing is, proper edits are not necessarily more entertaining than quick and easy videos. And they’re certainly not guaranteed to get more views.

Quiz Questions – A New Series

One day in about the middle of February Cam and I were playing ‘Absolute Balderdash’ when it occurred to me that it would make for a fun new series.

We took it in turns to ask a question, supplying 3 possible answers. The other person had to guess which was the correct answer. So far neither of us have got one right. We invited people to tell us whether they got it wrong or right, and created a leaderboard.

A few of our friends got involved and much hilarity was had all round.

We got up to Q5 before Cam had to fly out for work. I’m thinking virtual quiz night – 10 rounds of 10 questions, which means we’re halfway through Round 1. It also means there are 95 questions before the end of the series.

Something I need to do better

There were no new subscribers on either channel during February. This is because I forgot to ask. People rarely hit the subscribe button without being asked.

I tend to upload a video and think, “Oh damn, I forgot to ask people to subscribe. I’ll do it on the next one.” Then I forget on the next one.

So if you’re reading this and you haven’t subscribed, please, do me a favour. Hit that button, on both channels. Thank you.

Goals & Targets for Feb 2018

    • 4 new videos on the Life channel
    • At least one of those videos a ‘proper edit’
    • 3 new subscribers on the Life channel
    • 4 new videos on the Business channel
    • 3 new subscribers on the Business channel
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