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Monthly Stats Report – January 2018

It was a big month in the YouTube world. Small creators, including myself, received an email saying we were being demonetised. From now on, you can’t earn advertising revenue from your YouTube channel unless you have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.

Previously the requirement was 10000 lifetime views.

This doesn’t really affect me, apart from no longer having the fun of reporting “I made $1.12!”. My focus will continue to remain on creating the best content I can on both channels, and on growing views, subscribers and engagement.


January Targets

I set myself a challenge in January to upload 30 short videos. It was a ‘one-take/no-edits’ series called ‘Life at the Circus’.

Unbelievably, since I was busy providing over 10000 meals as the catering manager at the Western Australian Circus Festival, I did it!

I didn’t set any targets for the Business channel during January, because I knew I wouldn’t have time.


Life at the Circus – A lesson in video views and engagement

The Life at the Circus series was extraordinarily well received by the tightknit circus community. As people arrived onsite throughout the month they commented that they’d been really enjoying the daily videos, and I received lots of messages from those that didn’t make it this year.

The series drove a 103% increase in total channel views, gathering more than 3600 views across the 30 videos.

Each day I asked a different person to introduce the video, and I tried to feature a variety of people doing a variety of things. As a result, engagement was way higher this month than it has ever been before – 75 likes and 52 shares.

This is making me think about other events I could film. People love to share the fun things they’re doing.

By the end of the month 5 of the videos had more than 200 views, and one had more than 500 views. The highest performing video had two defining features. I’m not sure which was more important. Firstly, it was the longest video in the series at over 8 minutes. Secondly, it featured my daughter Casey giving a guided tour of the site. Casey is a highly skilled hand-balancer and juggler with an engaged and loyal social media audience. She shared the video and it gained over 80 views in the first 24 hours, far outperforming every other video.


Production Time vs Views

I spent days filming and weeks editing ‘London on £2 a day’, and by the end of January, a full 6 weeks after it had been uploaded, it had gathered 201 views.

By comparison, ‘Life at the Circus Day 8 – Circus classes have started today – there are 80 to choose from!’ took me around an hour from start to finish, and received 523 views in half the time. Four other videos also received more than 200 hits.

The London video is a far superior piece of work, so I’m bemused to see it beaten (in the short term at least) by much rougher videos. It will be interesting to see how the views pan out over time.


Number of Videos

Life Channel – 39
Business Channel – 14

Number of Views – total

Life Channel – 8789
Business Channel – 159


Most views on one video

Cycling over the Swiss Alps – 2685
Power Tip – Corina Darnborough – 63


Number of Subscribers

Life Channel – 362
Business Channel – 2


Number of views this month

Life Channel – 4145
Business Channel – 34


Watch time (minutes)

Life Channel – 7702
Business Channel – 50



Life Channel
Likes – 75
Dislikes – 1
Comments – 7
Shares – 52
Subscribers – 11


Business Channel
Likes – 0
Dislikes – 0
Comments – 0
Shares – 0
Subscribers – 0

Zeros are not a great result but they make for a funky graph!


Estimated Revenue

Life Channel 

Ads – $2.05
YouTube Red – $0.12
TOTAL – $2.16

Goals & Targets for Feb 2018


  • 4 new videos on the Life channel
  • 4 new videos on the Business channel
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