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Monthly Stats Report – July 2018

I was out of YouTube action for the entire month of July due to my involvement in a ridiculously exciting videography project on a tropical island.

Plus, I only managed to upload two videos to my Life Channel during June, and one of those had to be taken down.

So I was pretty rapt to see that even though I had only uploaded one video in 2 months, views continued to grow.

Passive Income

There’s not actually any income involved with my YouTube channels, but you know the concept of passive income, right?

The work you do today continues to be rewarded over and over in the future.

That concept is one thing I really love about YouTube.

We upload content, and YouTube continues to suggest that people watch it. So even though I uploaded exactly zero videos during July, I still enjoyed a 4% increase in views for my Life Channel, and a 28% increase for my Business Channel.

I’m pretty pumped about that. It’s great that even when I have to temporarily abandon my channels, they continue to hum along without me.

Get Written Permission!

I was pretty devastated to be asked to take down my Owl video.

I was housesitting for an older couple who had the most spectacular collection of owls – over 600!

I had asked permission to film it and they said yes, but I didn’t think to get it in writing. Later they claimed I had not asked and asked me to take it down.

I was pretty sad. It was a good video and a lot of work went into filming and editing.

Lesson learned – no matter how friendly and cognisant somebody seems, get a release form signed when filming things like personal collections.

Stats Report – May 2018

Stats Report – May 2018

New content needs to be uploaded, or the figures will suffer. Beware of big projects overtaking everything!

Stats Report – April 18

Stats Report – April 18

It seems astonishing that back in November I had just over 3000 channel views and now, only 5 months later it’s up to nearly 16000 views. It seems like such a lot of growth in such a short time.

Stats Report – March 18

Stats Report – March 18

The monthly review is so important. It provides encouragement about aspects that are going well, and a reminder about areas that need attention.

Stats Report – Feb 18

Stats Report – Feb 18

A dream written down becomes a goal.
A goal broken into chunks becomes a plan.
A plan backed by action gets results.
And thus the dream becomes reality.