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Monthly Stats Report – March 2018

If I wasn’t taking the time to prepare these end of month reports I wouldn’t notice the changes that are happening over time. I’d have a quick look here and there, but it’s not the same as actually writing things down.

Sticking to a pre-defined schedule forces me to look at the numbers on a regular basis rather than letting time get away. I’m encouraged by the successes and reminded of areas that need my attention.

Total views on the life channel were up 22% this month. That’s solid growth, I’m pretty happy with that. Total channel views are now at 12932, not counting the 31282 views from my one old video.

Total views on the business channel were up 70%. Total channel views are now at 400, so we’re talking much lower numbers.

There were an additional 12 subscribers on the life channel, but no new subscribers on the business channel. That’s the 3rd month in a row with no new subscribers, I need to focus on that this month!

March Results

GOAL – 4 new videos on Life Channel
YES. I uploaded 5, but they were 5 ‘easy ones’. For the second month in a row I didn’t manage to upload a ‘proper edit’.

GOAL – At least one of those videos a ‘proper edit’

GOAL – 3 new subscribers on Life Channel
YES! I smashed this goal out of the park with 12 new subscribers

GOAL – 4 new videos on Business Channel
NEARLY – I uploaded 3 new videos to this channel.

GOAL – 3 new subscribers on Business Channel
NO. There were no new subscribers during March.

Goals & Targets for April 2018

    • 7 new videos on the Life channel
    • At least two of those videos a ‘proper edit’
    • 10 new subscribers on the Life channel
    • 4 new videos on the Business channel
    • 3 new subscribers on the Business channel
Stats Report – Sept 2018

Stats Report – Sept 2018

There’s a tussle between what I want to create, what you want to watch and what YouTube thinks you want to watch.

Stats Report – August 2018

Stats Report – August 2018

There’s a struggle we all experience when we’re building a new business, where we need to figure out how much time we can allocate.

Stats Report – June/July 2018

Stats Report – June/July 2018

I was pretty rapt to see that even though I have only uploaded one video in the last two months, views have continued to grow.

Stats Report – May 2018

Stats Report – May 2018

New content needs to be uploaded, or the figures will suffer. Beware of big projects overtaking everything!