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Monthly Stats Report – May 2018

Once again the importance of the end of month assessment becomes apparent as I see the effect of having spent too much time working on one big project, at the expense of my main channel as a whole.

For the first time, the percentage increase in views dropped below 20%. This was a direct result of only having uploaded two new videos, both at the end of the month, and neither having performed particularly well.

I’m still learning how to produce regular content for two channels on a consistent basis, whilst also doing paid client work. Clearly it’s not viable to spend 2 solid weeks filming ’25 Good Coffee Shops in Perth’, even if that video is going to be great.

A big project needs to be spread out over a longer time frame. Of course, the first step is realising before I get started that it is indeed a huge project.

Life Channel

Total channel views for the Life Channel were up 11% in April. It’s the lowest percentage increase recorded yet, but it’s encouraging that even so, it’s still in the double figures.

There were only 2 new videos uploaded, and neither performed particuarly well.

The big win for this channel this month was the increase in subscribers. 43 new subscribers were added, an increase of 11%. Previously the biggest increase was 13.

I have been doing two things differently, so I’m not sure which is responsible for the increase.

1) I have been more conscious recently of adding the little clip at the end of each video which encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel.

2) I have been commenting on videos by other YouTube creators. Smaller creators look at each other’s channels to get a feel for what their peers are doing, so I’m pretty sure that at least some of the subscribers are other creators.

Business Channel

Views increased by 33% for the business channel.

The best performing video is still the ‘Correct size for featured image’ video, which specifically helps people with the Divi theme.

The 56% increase in views on this video alone was the driver behind the large increase for the channel as a whole.

Once again, there were no new subscribers to the business channel, leaving it at the grand total of 3.


This month’s assessment has really pointed a spotlight at the need for consistent content.

It’s not enough to make a list then wander through the month hoping to achieve it. I need to drill down and set daily targets, otherwise the end of the month arrives before the end of the list.

I’ve mapped out the whole month of June, scheduling in everything I want to achieve. That level of planning is not even remotely how I want to live. It makes me feel hemmed in, like every day is disciplined and planned and regimented and there’s no room for freedom. But it’s an important exercise. Am I expecting too much? Is it actually possible to create the content I’m aiming for, as well as doing paid client work?

As I write this report it’s Saturday 2nd June and I’m already behind. Quite frankly I’m crapping my pants about what’s coming up.

May Results


  • 4 new videos – NO – 2
  • 10 new subscribers – YES – 43


  • 4 new videos – YES – 5
  • 3 new subscribers – NO


Goals & Targets for June 2018


  • 4 new videos
  • 40 new subscribers


  • 4 new videos
  • 3 new subscribers
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