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First Monthly Stats Report – November 2017

Anybody can start something new. Flushed with excitement about the success that will surely be ours, we charge into the thing with enthusiasm and good cheer. Sometimes we even suggest that others might like to ‘follow our journey’.


It’s the keeping going that’s harder. The persevering even when things don’t go as expected. The remembering of the WHY that got you started in the first place.

Thus I expect these early monthly stats reports will be read and watched by pretty much nobody at the time of publishing. It will be later on that people will come back to find out what it was like in the beginning.




There are two YouTube channels – the Life channel and the Business channel. At least, that’s how it is in my mind. I haven’t launched the Business channel at the time of writing. And yet, I’m releasing this report upon launch of the channel, so if you’re reading these words, the channel has gone live.

I’ve been busy creating content and rebuilding my website and will launch the whole lot at once. Having a set ‘impact date’ will allow me to get as much traction as possible, which is important because the Business channel is starting from zero.

I’ll drive traffic in a number of different ways. In the next report I’ll look at the effectiveness of the launch strategy.

The Life channel has the philosophy of, “You have one life, live it to the full”. It’s where I post videos like ‘Cycling over the Swiss Alps damn near killed me‘.

The Business channel is about levelling up our business skills.


Number of Videos

Life Channel – 8
Business Channel – 0

Number of Views

Life Channel – 3130
Business Channel – 0

Most views on one video

Cycling over the Swiss Alps – 1666

Number of Subscribers

Life Channel – 344
Business Channel – 0

Number of views this month

Life Channel – 641
Business Channel – 0

Watch time (minutes)

Life Channel – 1946
Business Channel – 0


Life Channel
Likes – 16
Dislikes – 0
Comments – 4
Shares – 4
Subscribers – 4

Estimated Revenue

Life Channel 

Ads – $1.11
YouTube Red – $0.01
TOTAL – $1.12

Woohoo! $1.12. I won’t get too excited about spending the earnings though. You need $100 before you can withdraw funds. If we keep earning at this rate it will be over 7 years before we see the cash.


Views for each video

Cycling over the Swiss Alps is way outperforming the other videos. I think I’ve hit on some good tag words so it’s showing up as a suggested video alongside other videos.

Showing up is only the first step though. You have to get people to click on it. The title and thumbnail make a compelling combination which is clearly working.

Family Fun at the Blackwood River is a video I uploaded more than 10 years ago. I completely forgot about it. When I came back to start this project I couldn’t believe it had more than 30 000 views. Who the heck is watching it? It’s just a goofy little video we made for my son, who was at work on that day. It demonstrates the power of YouTube – over time you get eyeballs on your content. I’m keeping this video separate in my monthly stats report because otherwise it would skew the results.


Goals & Targets for Dec 2017


  • Launch revamped website
  • Launch YouTube Business channel
  • 5 new subscribers on the Life channel
  • 5 new subscribers on the Business channel
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