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Monthly Stats Report – Sept 2018

Having limited time available, it’s tempting to drop the monthly stats video because I could be creating ‘actual content’ instead. Analysing one’s business is such a powerful exercise though. It’s probably the most important thing I do, which makes it worth continuing.

This month I have been forced to look closely at views. The Business channel is going gangbusters but the Life channel needs an injection of……life.

YouTube is pretty weird

There’s this tussle between what I want to create, what you want to watch and what YouTube thinks you want to watch.

Sometimes I’ll make a video that has me really excited and which I think you and YouTube will love, but YouTube doesn’t recommend it to anyone so it gets no views. ‘London on £2 a Day‘ is a good example.

Other times I’ll make a video that has me excited and I think you and YouTube will love, and I’m right, and YouTube recommends the pants off it. Example – Cycling over the Swiss Alps damn near killed me.

Occasionally I’ll make a video because I really want to, but I don’t have high expectations for it. My most recent video is a good example – It never rains on Singapore’s National Day. The National Day celebrations were so fantastic and I really wanted to vlog about it, but I’m not sure it’s enticing to the average viewer. It’s almost the sort of thing that just needs to be dropped into a daily vlog…. except I’m not doing a daily vlog.

Sometimes a ‘low expectations’ video unexpectedly goes mad. Djuki Mala from Arnhem Land are dancing under the peppermint trees is a perfect example. It was the Day 21 video of my ‘Life at the Circus’ series. I was walking from the circus festival kitchen, where I was the catering manager, to my bus, which housed my office, when I saw the lads practicing under the trees. I grabbed my camera and got a quick clip; 2 minutes of pure joy, for which I copped a copyright hit. I had no idea at the time that Djuki Mala are a YouTube sensation. It’s now my 3rd highest performing video even though it took a total of one hour to film, edit and upload (compared to weeks for other vids). It has a great thumbnail, which helps.

It’s all very well to analyse in hindsight. The real skill would be having a better idea of what was going to work in advance. The thumbnail is important, the title is important, the description and tags are important, but even doing your best on all of these is no guarantee of success. And so we continue anyway, knowing that YouTube is pretty weird and there’s apparently no rhyme or reason to what gets shown and what doesn’t.

London on £2 a day
Riding over the Swiss Alps nearly killed me
Singapore National Day 2018
Djuki Mala from Arnhem Land

Life Channel

Total channel views for the Life Channel were up 3% in September. It’s the lowest percentage increase so far, and at just 666 views for the month, the lowest number of monthly views in the last 11 months.

I need to reverse this trend.

The problem is twofold- I haven’t been uploading many videos, and those I have uploaded haven’t done very well.

The graph below tells the story – the blue line (total views) continues to rise but the red line (monthly views) is falling.

Both lines should be increasing if my channel is to grow in the way I desire.

Channel Views for Cath Wood's YouTube Life Channel Sept 18

Business Channel

By contrast, views increased by 24% for the business channel, for a total of 316 views, nearly half the views of the ‘big’ Life channel.

This little channel, with just 15 subscribers, is giving the other one a run for its money.

The extra views this month came from 4 videos about the Divi WordPress theme. It’s the most popular WordPress theme in the world and there are a lot of people trying to figure out how to get things to work. By answering those questions, I’m getting views on my videos.

The graph below shows both the blue and red lines on an upward trend.

Channel Views for Cath Wood's YouTube Business Channel Sept 18

September Results

Due to a major family event dominating the early part of September I didn’t set my goal for the month until very late. At that point, I aimed for 12 hours of good work on my YouTube channels. I achieved this with 13:45.

For the next few months I’m changing my focus away from concrete results (“4 videos, 5 subscribers” etc) and focussing on committing a defined amount of work hours. I’m interested to measure my output against time put in because at the moment I couldn’t tell you exactly how many hours it takes to produce content.

I’m therefore currently treating my YouTube channels like a client, diligently recording both my work hours and work completed.

Goals & Targets for October 2018

    • 32 hours good work on YouTube channels
    • 20 Instagram posts

The Instagram post target is in place to remind me to create content there. I find it easy to overlook.

Are you making progress?

How are things going for you?

Are you making progress towards your targets?

Tell me about your wins, and about your moments of illumination about improvements you need to make.

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