Terms and Conditions

This contest is open to small businesses, community organisations and others within Western Australia.

Instructions for how to enter form part of the rules, ie you must share the post before filling in the entry form.

The winning website may contain a maximum of 15 pages though of course you will be able to add as many extra pages as you like later.

The prize does not include eCommerce capability but it will be relatively easy for you to add that later, so if you want to sell something online you should still enter.

You must supply all your website assets to me by 31st July 2016, otherwise the prize will be forfeited. Assets include your logo, favicon, images and words, as well as anything else I need to build your website. I will not commence building until I have everything I need from you. 

You need to be clear on what you want as this prize includes limited revisions. Together we’ll figure out how your website will be structured, then I’ll build it. If you want to make major changes after the work has been done you’ll need to pay for that. 

I will communicate with one person throughout the build process, so if you’re in a committee or partnership situation please decide who that’s going to be. 

Your website must be non-offensive and I’m the one who decides what I consider offensive. 

Entries close at midnight on Wed 20th April. I will shortlist my favourite entries and put them out for comment, then somehow go through the agonizing process of deciding who will be the winner. I don’t want to do it by ‘popular vote’ because I don’t think it’s the best way of making the decision – as we all learned in highschool ‘popular’ is not necessarily best. But I would still love to hear from your supporters why you’re the one that should win. I will probably also conduct phone interviews during this stage.