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Perth in a Day

Perth is a remote city blessed with gorgeous beaches, a stunning river, fabulous scenery and friendly people.

My daughter Casey, a circus performer, joined me for two days of filming to capture the essence of the city.

Life at the Circus

30 short videos that give a glimpse into everyday life at the Western Australian Circus Festival.

London on £2 a day

A lot of people think you need a lot of money to travel. Here’s how to see London on a budget.



How to use the Divi Blog Module

The Divi Blog Module is not very intuitive when you first come across it.

Once you understand how it works though, you’ll love it!

Divi Fonts

It’s difficult to pick a font when all the fonts are written in the same font! This page lists each font in upper case, lower case and more.



POWER TIP – Laura Betterly

Marketing Goddess
Got a brilliant idea? It’s not about you or your product or service. It’s about your customer.



Stats Report – April 18

It seems astonishing that back in November I had just over 3000 channel views and now, only 5 months later it’s up to nearly 16000 views. It seems like such a lot of growth in such a short time.

Stats Report – March 18

The monthly review is so important. It provides encouragement about aspects that are going well, and a reminder about areas that need attention.

Stats Report – Feb 18

A dream written down becomes a goal.
A goal broken into chunks becomes a plan.
A plan backed by action gets results.
And thus the dream becomes reality.




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