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I got to fire a cannon!

A few weeks ago I uploaded Perth in a Day, in which my daughter Casey and I visited all the most fabulous parts of Perth, Western Australia.

We went to The Round House in Fremantle right on 1pm, not realising that’s the exact time the cannon gets fired every day.

In the Perth in a Day video we did a little jump in front of each attraction. To make sure we did it together we’d count down from 3.

As we prepared to jump at The Round House we said, “3, 2, 1, SCREAM!!!

The cannon went off at the exact moment we jumped. The timing literally could not have been more perfect. It made for a pretty funny blooper at the end of the Perth in a Day video.

The lovely people at The Round House (Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides) got in touch and told me I could fire the cannon myself if I wanted to. Did I want to? I nearly wet my pants with excitement.

Given I had a birthday coming up I booked it in for that day.

Being right up close and knowing it was coming and furthermore being the actual person pressing the big red button, you would think I might have been mentally prepared for the bang this time around. You’d be wrong. I was scared out of my wits all over again.

A huge thank you to Susan for being a fabulous host – and also for being perfect in front of a camera.

If you’d like to fire the cannon yourself it’s totally possible. Visit the Contact page of the Fremantle Round House website and send a message requesting your preferred date.

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