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Here are a few of my video projects. 

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Nannup Valley Chalets

Nannup Valley Chalets is a gorgeous retreat about 275km south of Perth.

Chalets and spa studios are dotted around the 55 acre property. A function centre overlooks a private lake, making this location a videographer’s dream.

We put together a 1 minute video which the client can use on social media and their website.

“The owner Di said, “I love love love it. Great job. Very catchy!” 

Deco Stop Lodge 

Deco Stop Lodge is located on the stunning island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. 

It’s a tropical paradise where the waters are the bluest of blue, the food is all locally grown and organic, and the locals are friendly. 

We created a video for the home page of Deco Stop’s new website, which is currently under development.

It gives an overview of Deco Stop Lodge as well as the island of Espiritu Santo itself. It shows the gorgeous blue waters and the friendly locals.

Deco Stop Lodge – short video 1 of 3

We also put together three short videos for Deco Stop to use on their social media and the internal pages of their new website. 

The first video mainly focusses on the water – the absolutely stunning ocean, rivers and blue holes. 

Deco Stop Lodge – short video 2 of 3

The second video focusses on the activities available to holidaymakers.

You’ll notice the video has a nice ‘story arc’, with people busy kayakking, swimming and cycling all day, then sitting down to relax at the end of the day with a meal and a drink. 

Deco Stop Lodge – short video 3 of 3

The third video focusses on the facilities offered by Deco Stop Lodge itself.

It gives viewers a good look around the facilities and shows some of the extras offered, such as vehicle hire.

Western Australian Circus Festival

I was commissioned to supply a thirty second promotional video every day for twelve days in the lead up to the 2018 Western Australian Circus Festival.

It was an interesting challenge because I needed to promote a festival without actually being able to film at the festival, which was still a week or two away. Luckily for me, there was a cabaret each night, so I was able to obtain some suitable footage which I interspersed with archival footage, drone shots and footage of performers training or doing their lighting and tech rehearsals (angled in such a way you couldn’t tell they were the only one in the tent).

The music was supplied by the live band that were living onsite. 

This video shows four of the twelve promotional videos I produced while living onsite at the circus. The final video uses footage from the first day of the actual festival, which was tremendously exciting. By that stage I had just about exhausted the archives.

Perth in a Day

I made this video for my own YouTube channel, but something similar could be done for a client, using local faces to create something the whole community will love.  

My daughter Casey and I visited landmarks all over Perth (Western Australia) and filmed ourselves doing some funky moves that I edited into a quirky 95 second video that ended up being featured on the Perth Now website. 


What it’s like at Blazing Swan Festival

Blazing Swan is a regional Burning Man event held in Kulin, Western Australia.

My husband Cam and I attended the 2018 event as a guest of Big Lewis, the founder of the festival.

Although I made this video for my own YouTube channel, it could just as easily have been a commercial product. I would have removed the shots of ourselves and featured more festival patrons instead.  

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