Terms (videography)

It’s important to be clear about how we’ll work together so that everyone is happy with the outcome.

These are my guidelines for the way I work with video clients.

tourism projects, Family Projects

These are my favourite kinds of projects.  


I especially love to work with tourism businesses such as accommodation providers tour operators, festivals and so on.

I want to help rural Australian towns showcase the things that make them great, but I don’t yet have an example video in my portfolio. If you’d like to be the first, contact me. I always offer a great rate for first-of-a-kind projects. 


I also offer family videography. I can help with special occasions, snippets of daily life, or historical projects. 

I can also help with funeral videos. 

I work on a project rate

My rate is currently below the industry standard as I’m building up a portfolio.  

Making videos is time consuming.

It’s not just about filming. After a video shoot the footage has to be organised. Just like photography, some shots will be unusable.

Once sorted the footage needs to be edited into a final product. Editing is complicated and requires skill and experience. It can take hours to produce a minute of video.

I’m still building a commercial portfolio, so I’m currently charging a set project rate which is below industry standard. Even if your project takes longer than anticipated, you’ll pay the same rate. These early projects will help me to correctly price my service going forward. 

i invoice before delivery

Once payment has been received the final version of your video will be released. 

During the editing process you’ll be shown draft versions of your video, which will contain watermarks. Once you’re happy with the final product we’ll invoice you. 

When payment has been received we’ll supply the finished video with all watermarks removed. 


you work with Me to ensure success

You help make the project as easy as possible.

Although most of the work will be done by me and my team, I’ll still need a little help from you. 

During the shoot you will be available if necessary. If you are required to do a piece to camera, you will be ready for that. 

Your video may require a logo. If so, you will supply that in PNG format.

Your video may also need overlay text. If so, you’ll work with me to decide what it should say. You may want to give input into the style of the text, such as font, size and colour, although this is optional.

I bring the gear

I have a number of camera options.

I will bring the camera gear required. 

I shoot with a variety of cameras including a Canon (with a number of lenses), a GoPro, a Mavic Air drone and a Samsung phone. 

I bring a tripod and an external microphone. 

My camera setup is fairly understated which makes it good for ‘stealth’ filming – I look like a normal person, or one of the guests. This means I can capture candid moments that are missed by big camera setups. 

Let'S talk about your project