Websites Built by Past Workshop Participants


Simple Things Photography

Deonne hosted a small workshop in her home then proceeded to build a stylish website that perfectly captured the essence of her photography business.

The black and white colour palette works beautifully. 

Deonne is a very talented photographer. Look at her Before & After page to see how she transforms her clients.

Visit the Simple Things Photography website. 

Nannup Hemp Company

Marion was about to launch her brand new business and had a lot to do. Develop the products, lease and fit out a brand new shop, build a website – the list (and the expense) went on.

Marion attended a live workshop then built the site whenever she had a few moments to spare. Working with a developer would have been difficult because Marion was so busy – when she was available her developer would have been busy, and when the developer was available, Marion would have been up to her elbows in something else.

Marion added ecommerce to her site so that her customers from all over the world can purchase her beautiful products. 

Visit the Nannup Hemp Company website. 

Dr Hubble’s Bubbles

Shep Huntly needed a website for his Dr Hubble’s Bubbles show and we did a workshop via Skype, with one-on-one assistance to get it finished. 

We spent quite a bit of time messing around with the position of the text over the photo on the home page, making sure it worked for every sized device. During that process and the rest of the build Shep became very familiar with how it all worked, and once he’d finished this one he went on to build two more websites for his other businesses. 

Visit the Dr Hubble’s Bubbles website. 

Shep Huntly Master Showman

After the success of the Dr Hubble’s Bubbles website Shep decided to redo his Shep Huntly Master Showman site. He needed a lot less help with this one, merely asking for a few reminders when he’d forgotten the finer details. 

The result was another unique website that works on every device, which he can update whenever he pleases. 

Visit the Shep Huntly Master Showman website. 

World Sideshow Festival

Shep Huntly built this website entirely unassisted after learning how to do it during the build of his other two sites. 

He asked if I would install the Starter Site, which comes pre-loaded with a whole lot of elements that make the build easier than starting from scratch. Shep and I agree that if a project has one complex element that only needs to be done once, it’s better to get someone else to do it.

The World Sideshow Festival is an annual event, so the website needs regular updating. Shep has complete control over that. He doesn’t have to pay someone else every time he wants to add a new show, he never has to wait 3 days until his developer can do the job. He just logs in and makes changes at whatever time of day or night he chooses. And he’s added yet another area of expertise to his impressive arsenal of skills. 

Visit the World Sideshow Festival website. 

Margies Big Day Out Beer & Wine Tour

This business already had a website but it was dated. The tour industry in the Margaret River region is competitive – Margies Big Day Out needed a website that was modern and responsive, which they could update themselves. 

Jaime did a workshop via Skype then built the site over the following weeks. She did a particularly good job of the Tours page. 

Visit the Tours page of the Margies Big Day Out website. 

Polocrosse WA

Polocrosse WA had an existing website but it was costing more than necessary, and they didn’t have control over the content. This is an organisation that needs to regularly update their website.

Kim attended a workshop then worked long and hard on getting the site finished in between her other life commitments. She engaged me for some one on one assistance to iron out a few tricky issues, then we took the site live. 

The result is fresh and vibrant site, albeit not 100% finished as of today’s date (20/04/17) – the test post called “We do not joke about horses” which is just jokes, is still in place. 

Visit the Polocrosse WA website. 

Margaret River Pet Foods

Margaret River Pet Foods is a small family run Pet Food Company. They needed a website to showcase their products and to allow people to easily place orders. 

Amy hosted a workshop in her home then ‘hopped to it’ and finished her site in double quick time. That was a pun…they sell kangaroo meat. 

Visit the Margaret River Pet Foods website. 

Merredin Glazing Service

Merredin Glazing Service operates out of a small town in the Western Australian wheatbelt, servicing customers from all over the state. It’s quite common for businesses such as this to rely simply on word of mouth, or a Facebook page, but neither gives you the control of your own business website when it comes to telling your business story. 

Visit Merredin Glazing Service’s website. 

Account on Me Bookkeeping

Melissa already had a website but she had reached the point where she really wanted to modernise it. Melissa built her new site in a special ‘development’ environment I set up for her, then when it was finished we took it live, overwriting the old site.

Notice how Melissa has given the site a cohesive look by using the purple from her logo in the top and bottom bars of her website. She did it all herself too. I offer unlimited free support in a private Facebook group after the workshop, but Melissa asked just one question! 

Visit Account on Me’s website. 


Hannah built two finished websites within a week of completing the workshop, neatly solving the ‘how do I afford a website’ problem faced by many small businesses. The results were impressive. Notice how the two websites are totally different to each other, and how the two styles really suit the specific subject matter.

Visit The Dance Assembly website

Visit the Hannah Brown Makeup Artistry website

Careth Michelle – Psychic Medium

Careth attended a workshop then contacted me later to ask for help to finish it. With that in mind I wondered if I should include it here but I love her logo so much I couldn’t resist! Also, from a design perspective there’s nothing complicated about it, meaning it’s a good example of what can be achieved.

Careth used the Bookly plugin to manage her bookings. I won’t say that was easy, especially integrating Paypal. 

Visit Careth Michelle’s website

Natural Edge Framing & Photography


Anne has made use of some modules that are not always chosen by students. If you check out her Framing Services page you’ll see both the Tab module and the Slider module being used to good effect. Anne is conscious of the need to upload regular content so although she’s busy in her business, she makes time whenever possible to work on her site, meaning that it has really come a long way. 

Visit the Natural Edge Framing & Photography website

Fairway Carriers

Fairway Carriers is a rural freight company. They needed a fresh new website to replace an old, non-responsive one. Michelle attended a workshop then engaged me to work one on one the following day so that we could take it live as soon as possible. I just love the big image on the home page – the trucks look so sparkly!

Visit the Fairway Carriers website

Green Iguana

Sue needed a clean, elegant site to showcase her ecological landscaping services. She included information about her services, some great photos, and some glowing client testimonials, and the result looks great. Visit the Green Iguana website.



Alli wanted a website to show off her customised shoes and link to her existing online shop. She’s very creative and this really shows in her website. It’s a real advantage for Alli to be able to add new designs whenever she likes. Visit the AlliY website