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How to create a successful Facebook ad

Ashley Rees, Lead Generation & Automation Specialist

Unleashed Multimedia, Australia

Ashley says, “How can you create a successful Facebook ad? Maybe you’re just starting out or maybe you’ve delved into the Facebook advertising world before and it just hasn’t worked for you. These are my key tips when creating a Facebook ad campaign.

Who is your audience?

First you need to really nut out who your audience is. Consider who your message is for. There are some great free tools available to help with this, for example Facebook Audience Insights. Anyone can access this tool. You put in the interests you think your audience might be linked to and it brings up a whole heap of other audiences and pages you can target. It also helps with the demographic, for example age, gender, lifestyle, relationship status, education level and job title.

You can also search Google. For example if you’re in interior designing maybe find some relevant magazines that people might be reading.

Landing page

When creating a Facebook ad remember you need to have a landing page on your website that is congruent with your ad. The messaging and images need to be similar.

Make sure you have a video.

Your policy and terms need to be on the bottom of the landing page, that’s one of Facebook’s policies.

Have some content and also some testimonials if you can.


When it comes to ad design I love Canva. It’s the best tool out there. It’s completely free and you can upload your own images and have all your coloured branding. They’ve even got free stock images you can use. You can add a text overlay. Canva is the best tool to use if you’re not a Photoshop whiz.

Ensure your text doesn’t cover any more than 20% of the ad. Use Facebook’s 20% text tool to check.

These are some basic tips you can follow when starting to create your Facebook ad campaigns. If you have questions you are more than welcome to reach out.”

Working for clients vs working on one’s own business

After we finished recording the Power Tip Ashley and I were talking about automating systems for bringing in new clients.

She said, “I’ve been doing this (business) for four years and until a few months ago I wasn’t ready to automate my systems.  There was no way I could set aside 5 minutes or half an hour to focus on my own stuff because everyone else is a priority when you have clients. Now I’ve made time and I’ve got Ontraport, which is $79 a month. Before this call I had nothing I could have offered to your viewers but in 20 minutes I put a campaign together, created a landing page, added all the links and it was all done! It was so easy. So now I’ve got the tools and I’ve made time for doing more of my own things, like the training. That’s fun for me. There’s a certain point where you’re ready to do that and you’ve got to put in the time and effort.”

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