Video Length: 4:18

How to define your brand

Sol Garcia, Branding Strategist

Brandmap, Argentina

Sol says, “When you are at that moment in your business where you have to define your brand, you will hear a lot of things like, ‘Think about what you stand for. Think about what represents you. What message do you want to give to your audience? How are you going to connect with your clients, or your audience?’

When you start thinking about your brand that way it can be overwhelming because it’s very hard to define what we stand for. So you start thinking things like, ‘I want people to think I’m accessible, that I’m honest, that I’m many good things.’

But those things don’t really make a concise brand. I suggest using another method. This is something I do with my clients.

I say, ‘Instead of thinking about the positive traits that you want in your brand, think about the negative stuff. Think about the things you want to stand against.’

It’s a very easy way to actually define what you stand for. For example you might not want to be perceived as a ‘salesy’ person, so you won’t want that trait represented on your visual message, on your copywriting, or on any of the other elements that work towards your brand.

Another interesting exercise that will really help you to put words to your brand is to research your competitiors. Make a list of 10 competitiors in your niche that you like. Check out their social media, how they talk with their clients. Write down what you like about them.

At the same time make a list of 10 competitors that you don’t like. For whatever reason they don’t speak to you, or you don’t think they would speak to your audience. Write down what you don’t like about them.

This is a very concise way to define what you stand for and what your brand message is about. It will be easier for you to create a message and connect with your clients.

I’ll use my own business as an example. I recently revamped all my services and I really had to think about the message I wanted to say to my clients.

What I stand against for example is generalism. As a brand strategist and as a graphic designer I think a lot of my competitors are offering you everything. It’s not real, they can’t do everything themselves. They can’t do SEO AND social media marketing AND web design AND logo design.

Somebody that says they can do everything is lying to you and I really want to stand against that. So my services are very concise. I offer branding, web design and copywriting in a week. And I work with a team that does that. I will be very honest with you about what I can and cannot do, because my goal is to give you a quality product. I don’t want to say I will do everything just to get you as a client.”


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