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Don’t be afraid to learn css

Colin Falcon, Web Designer

Simply Design Me, United Kingdom

“Learn Flexbox,” advises Colin Falcon.

Colin is a well respected and highly skilled web designer with a reputation for helping less experienced people in the WordPress community, particularly those using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. If he recommends Flexbox we can be sure it’s a good thing.

“Don’t be afraid to learn new things, especially in css,” he says.

“Flexbox is so versatile and solves so many issues – and it’s not that hard to pick up. Once you start using it you’ll never stop. It just works.”

Colin says you can use Flexbox on anything – columns, blurbs, numerous image modules – anything where you need to keep the dimensions the same so it resizes correctly on different devices.

He recommends diving in. “Make a development site on a subdomain, put the theme on and have a play with css. Don’t worry about breaking things, that’s how you learn.”

“Think of it like a computer filing system. You’ve got your hard drive and your folders, then inside the folders you’ve got your files. It’s a similar sort of hierarchy for css. The hard drive would be the page, the folders would be the id’s and the files would be the classes. It’s really simple once you break it down.”

Colin recommends the following for learning flexbox:

Flexbox Froggy – a bit of fun to get started

What the Flexbox – a free video course

A Complete Guide to Flexbox


Visit Colin’s Simply Design Me website.