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Create a handbook for your content so it’s consistent

Nathan B Weller, Content Manager

Elegant Themes

Nathan B Weller manages the blog at Elegant Themes. They publish 2 pieces of very high quality content every day and enjoy solid community engagement.

Nathan says, “Content Creators (and especially Content Managers) who are managing blogs with multiple contributors need to create a handbook outlining exactly how they want their content created.

Most businesses and even individuals who have a regular publication need to use templates that help them function at the highest capacity possible.

So for example you’d outline some sample posts in a blog author handbook – or a video creator handbook, if that’s your medium.

Everybody follows this template and the defined workflow that comes with it. Systematically update this template – optimise it over and over until you get something that’s really high performing. Revisit it every month.

Over time you’ll see growth and refinement in the type of content you’re able to create and it really takes the guesswork out of what each post needs to be so that you can focus on getting your content out without wondering how it should look or how the work should flow each and every time.”


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