Video Length: 3:05

The secret to success is staying focussed

Troy Dean, Coach

WP Elevation, Australia


“The number one thing I’ve learned over the years about success is focus and avoiding distraction,” says Troy Dean.

“The way I keep myself focussed is to remind myself that every time I get distracted I’m actually giving a huge gift to my competitors.

Staying focussed sounds boring, but it’s actually one of the hardest things to do.

So I remind myself, if I stay focussed. a competitor of mine is going to fall off the path and I can move past them and get in front.”

‘Do the Dishes’

“I also remind myself and my team that sometimes we have to ‘do the dishes’, by which I mean do the boring and mundane work that’s neither sexy nor glamorous but is nevertheless important. It’s easy to be distracted when faced with that kind of work but at some point you have to stand at the kitchen window, look out into the yard, think nothing and wash the dishes.

For me, that’s what staying focussed is about.

I time block in my calendar, I use Asana to manage my day, and I try to focus on my 3 big rocks for the day. If I can get 3 mission-critical things done every day that move the needle in the right direction I can go home satisfied that I’ve stayed focussed and served my business and my customers.”

About Failure

“Truth be told I’ve got quite a fragile ego and I don’t like failing because it takes me too long to bounce back.

So I’ve actually tricked my brain over the years to make it impossible for me to fail. Failure is when reality doesn’t meet your expectations, so my expectation now is that every day I come to work I’m going to learn something. The only way I fail is if I don’t turn up. If I turn up I’ve won even before I start because I always learn something.

I came up with this because I kept hearing ‘You’ve got to fail, it’s the only way you learn. Fail fast, fail early, fail forward.’ And I was thinking, ‘that just doesn’t work for me at all’.

If I failed too much I’d just crawl into a hole somewhere because I take it really personally when I screw up.”


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