Social icons

Out of the box, Divi allows you to include icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS in your footer.

To edit these, log into your Dashboard, then hover over Divi and select Theme Options. In the General tab, scroll down until you see the relevant section, then turn on (or off) the various choices.

If you turn on Facebook, for example, you’ll need to add your Facebook URL in the ‘Facebook Profile URL’ box. Each box is pre-populated with a hash tag (#) and you must remove this first.

Add Social Media icons to your website footer

What if you want to add Instagram, YouTube or others?

This is easily done with the Divi Booster plugin. If you attended one of my workshops or I set up a starter site for you, you’ll already have this plugin installed.


EDIT Nov 2017

I no longer do this. Divi Booster used to solve a lot of issues but most have been taken care of in Divi updates. Nowadays I feel the plugin adds too much to a website’s load time to justify its use.

There is  now a ‘social media follow’ module so I’m inclined to rethink the design of the site and use that module rather than going out of my way to get the icons into the footer. 


If not, you’ll need to buy it. Once you’ve done that look out for a Purchase Receipt email, which contains the download link as well as instructions for how to install Divi Booster.

Divi Booster instructions received by email

Log into your Dashboard. Hover over Divi and select Divi Booster > Site-wide Settings > Social Media.

Tick the boxes that say ‘Add more social media icons (enter URL)’ and ‘Open social media icon links in a new tab’.

Add extra Social Media icons to your website footer with Divi Booster
Why select ‘Open social media icon links in a new tab’?

This is good practice. When you’re sending people to pages within your own website, have the page open within the same window.

When you’re sending people to another website altogether, always have the page open in a new window. Otherwise your visitors head off to Facebook, get distracted and forget what they were doing. If your page is still open on their computer after they close out of Facebook, you have a higher chance of converting them into a customer.

Then add the URL of whatever social media you want to add.

Scroll down and select Save Changes, then check your website to make sure it worked properly.