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Create a new identity for yourself. It’s the future you!

Christine Parma, Business Strategist & Coach


Christine says, “One of the most powerful shifts that entrepreneurs or business owners in general can make, to effect a huge difference in their business, is to create a new identity for themselves. Let me explain what I mean by creating a new identity because you’re probably thinking, ‘But I’m me. How can I be someone else?’

Creating a new identity is about choosing who you want to ‘live into’. Think about who you want to be, and working from that future you – the you who already has everything you want, who has the level of success you want and who has the money that you want – make decisions from that place.

The reason it’s so powerful is that it opens up a new way of thinking. You’ll have a new perspective and you’ll notice new possibilities that you wouldn’t perceive with your current way of thinking.

Obviously there’s a lot more that goes into exactly how to create a new identity but I want you to start thinking from this possibility. For example, ‘What would I be like, what feelings would I have and what beliefs would I hold if I was a million dollar business owner?’

Thinking from the perspective of the million dollar business owner will open up all kinds of possibilities that you never noticed before because your mind was thinking in a different way.


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