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Snake on the beach!

It was a lovely sunny day towards the end of the Western Australian summer when Cam and I headed down to the beach for a quick dip.

Afterwards we were lying on the beach soaking up the warmth, as you do.

Unusually, we had our towels in an L shape, so Cam was looking along the beach. If we’d positioned our towels side by side, with feet towards the ocean and head towards the sand dunes, as per the usual custom, things would have turned out differently.

As it was, Cam noticed a small snake coming towards us from quite a long way away. We had time to whip out the camera and get some footage rather than being completely oblivious to what was happening.

It was rather alarming to see the snake make its way to exactly the spot where my feet had been about 30 seconds before.

The snake continued past our towel down to the water line. At one point we thought we were going to see it washed away by a wave, however it turned and headed back towards the sand dunes.

The fun wasn’t over though. A few seagulls arrived to see if lunch was being served, and we experienced the rather terrifying spectacle of a seagull attacking a snake.

We were torn about who to support. We didn’t want to watch the seagull being poisoned but we didn’t want to see the snake eaten either.

The seagull had a few goes but eventually gave it up as a bad idea, and the snake disappeared into the scrub.

It was an eye opener seeing how well disguised the snake was once it disappeared into the foliage.

“Keep your lamps open!” as my grandmother used to say.

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